Summer Driving Safety

As the summer driving season gets under way, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging all drivers to pay strict attention to road safety, regardless of how long or how short the trip. Millions of Americans will head out on the highways this summer, taking advantage of the warm weather and school breaks to travel.

Distracted Driving

Talking or texting on cell phones are just two of the dangerous driver distractions that claimed nearly 6,000 lives across the U.S. in 2008. Distractions behind the wheel can become even more deadly when combined with crowded highways, rural roads and city streets clogged with summer travelers. NHTSA urges drivers to keep their complete focus on the road at all times, which means putting cell phones and other portable electronics away and being mindful of other distractions such as eating, drinking and using in-vehicle technologies.

If it is necessary to make a phone call, drivers should simply pull off the road to a safe location. Parents of teen drivers on school break should remind their teens that talking or texting behind the wheel is not worth the risk. For more information on distracted driving, please visit,

This information was provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For additional safety tips, visit, or and please have a safe summer behind the wheel of your car.

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